На первых этапах Гран-при нового сезона команды могут быть полностью изолированы друг от друга, чтобы снизить риск заболевания коронавирусом. По информации RaceFans, команды будут изолированы друг от друга по ходу гоночных уик-эндов в Австрии и Великобритании.

New Formula 1 season is set to begin amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to minimize the risk of infection, teams will be isolated from each other during the early stages of the Grand Prix weekends. According to RaceFans, the teams will be kept separate from each other throughout the race weekends in Austria and Great Britain.

The strict measures of isolation aim to maintain a controlled environment and reduce the potential transmission of the virus among the teams. It is crucial to ensure the health and safety of all participants, including drivers, team members, and staff, in order to successfully carry out the Formula 1 season.

During the race weekends, teams will have limited contact with each other and will operate in their designated areas. This means that there will be no interaction between team personnel from different teams, as well as no joint meetings or dining facilities. Additionally, social distancing measures will be implemented, and wearing masks and other personal protective equipment will be mandatory.

The decision to isolate teams from each other is part of the comprehensive guidelines and protocols that Formula 1 has put in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the races. These measures also include regular testing for COVID-19, frequent sanitization, and the establishment of a «biosphere» within the race venue, where strict access controls will be implemented.

While these strict measures may create a different atmosphere during the races, it is crucial to prioritize the health and safety of all participants. By implementing these protocols, Formula 1 aims to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission and ensure the successful completion of the season.

It is important to note that the situation regarding the pandemic is constantly evolving, and additional measures may be implemented as needed to adapt to the changing circumstances. Formula 1 will continue to monitor the situation closely and work closely with health authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the races.

As the new season of Formula 1 approaches, fans eagerly await the return of thrilling races and intense competition. While the isolated team approach may change the dynamics of the race weekends, it is a necessary step to allow the sport to continue during these challenging times. The health and safety of all involved remain the top priority, and by adhering to the protocols and guidelines, Formula 1 aims to deliver an exciting and safe season for everyone.

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